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    Post: Lost conure Oregon or Washington few years ago

    Ryan P Donovan

    Posted on 7/03/16
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    Hi I lost my conure. .. like 7 years ago... I didn't even
    know that I could look online for lost and found pets. He
    liked to say "pecker"because that's his name. He tapped his
    beak to music... he could definitely keep a beat and he
    also said "hello". Kind of hard to tell he was saying those
    words... anyway. Flew out the door and stayed at the top of
    a tree in the backyard.... would usually come and fly to my
    shoulder... but stayed 24 hours in the tree being upset
    because I didn't /couldn't climb up and get him. I lost him
    here in Rose Valley, Wa. I know that the chances of me
    finding him are slim to none. I still haven't given up....
    I love him dearly and miss him sooo much.....if you have
    seen him or have ANY info whatsoever.... please let me
    know. I dont remember the band Info. Because he was given
    to me when he was young by someone who wasn't able to care
    for him like he needed. So.... yeah, I have kicked myself
    in the rear everyday he has been missing. For not writing
    the info down.... but.... I've included some pics...
    hopefully.... somebody... can tell me something....

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