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    Post: 7 week old GCC refusing hand-feeding


    Posted on 2/21/19
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    Hello. We just got a 7-week-old GCC today. I have never
    hand fed but have done lots of research. The baby seems
    very happy until I try to feed him. He wants nothing to do
    with it, and seems stressed when I put some on his mouth.
    This is the only time he has appeared stressed at all since
    we got him. He has been very playful and cuddly.

    Taking him back is not an option. I need advice. Is he
    ready to wean? Is he just getting used to the environment?
    He is perching and nibbling everything. I have pellets and
    water in his cage. I saw him playing with them but not sure
    if he ate any. Could it be that he is just ready to wean?

    Thank you.

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