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Posted by Kitty.J on 5/28/05
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    On 5/26/05, Stacy wrote:
    > Zebras are one of the hariest breeds of finches. They are
    > easy to breed, and, like all other finches, he11 to catch
    > when they need to go to the vet. I would start with them
    > before you start playing with other breeds.
    > On 5/26/05, Michelle wrote:
    >> HELLO
    >> I'm new to the finch world and want to build an indoor
    >> flight aviary. I hope to make it 8-9ft wide by 4ft high
    >> and 2-3 ft deep. can anyone tell me if this is large
    >> enough for a mixed aviary or if its recomended. I may
    >> consider breeding some also. Any suggestions are helpful.I
    >> am considering zebras, society, strawberrys, owls and or
    >> star finches. I have researched these some and trying to
    >> find less aggresive and good begginer birds.
    >> Thanks in advance

    Well if you do not want to breed. I would say you should
    ofcourse probably start with zebras and societys and get the
    hang of birds if you're not already in the hang with them.
    Then move to Gouldians and Cordon bleus, and owl and star
    finches, i cannot wait till i get these types of birds! I may
    get a java pair soon, but it all matter and depends... Also it
    depends what types of birds you'll have in the aviary and how
    many. when i am not breed my birds, i'll have 4 zebra finch
    pairs, 2 society finch pairs, 1 orangew eaver pair in my
    aviary. And well i never had anyfights. And my aviary is a 'L'
    shape. And one way its almost 8 feet and going the shorter way
    its 4 feet, and its 2 feet wide and 6 feet tall. My bird like
    it :). I fill my aviary with fake ivy and trees. :)