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Re: a baby a day:(

Posted by sydney on 5/29/05
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    On 5/29/05, Michael L wrote:
    > On 5/29/05, sydney wrote:
    >> hello
    >> for the last 3 days i have found a baby dead on the bottom
    >> of the cage there going on 2 weeks old
    >> i dont know what to
    >> they are getting feed greens,eggs,seed,wheat bread and i
    >> chop mealworms for them
    >> there cuttlebones are in there too
    >> so there getting feed very well:)
    > You don't say what kind of finch?
    > This is tough to see, but it often times happens with first-
    > time, inexperienced parents.
    > Since they've made it to the two week mark, there could also
    > be some type of bacterial infection that is slowly attacking
    > the chicks. This is not to say for certain, but when it
    > happens later in the development of the clutch, it's
    > something to consider.
    > Also you don't mention if this is a basket type nest or a
    > nest box? Sometimes the basket nest become too crowded and
    > the babies fall or get pushed out through no fault of anyone.
    > Your diet sounds very good, providing the parents are eating
    > all of these thing and feeding the young.
    > Michael L

    Hi Michael L

    They are zebra finch and this is there parents first clutch.
    the nest had seven babies in it.....lots o babies
    and it is a basket type i will be changeing nest types after
    this clutch
    the parents seem to love the food i put in for them the babies
    have all had nice full crops

    thanks for your help:)