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Re: a baby a day:(

Posted by Kitty.J on 5/30/05
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    On 5/29/05, sydney wrote:
    > On 5/29/05, sydney wrote:
    >> On 5/29/05, Michael L wrote:
    >>> On 5/29/05, sydney wrote:
    >>>> hello
    >>>> for the last 3 days i have found a baby dead on the bottom
    >>>> of the cage there going on 2 weeks old
    >>>> i dont know what to
    >>>> they are getting feed greens,eggs,seed,wheat bread and i
    >>>> chop mealworms for them
    >>>> there cuttlebones are in there too
    >>>> so there getting feed very well:)
    >>> You don't say what kind of finch?
    >>> This is tough to see, but it often times happens with first-
    >>> time, inexperienced parents.
    >>> Since they've made it to the two week mark, there could also
    >>> be some type of bacterial infection that is slowly attacking
    >>> the chicks. This is not to say for certain, but when it
    >>> happens later in the development of the clutch, it's
    >>> something to consider.
    >>> Also you don't mention if this is a basket type nest or a
    >>> nest box? Sometimes the basket nest become too crowded and
    >>> the babies fall or get pushed out through no fault of anyone.
    >>> Your diet sounds very good, providing the parents are eating
    >>> all of these thing and feeding the young.
    >>> Michael L
    >> Hi Michael L
    >> They are zebra finch and this is there parents first clutch.
    >> the nest had seven babies in it.....lots o babies
    >> and it is a basket type i will be changeing nest types after
    >> this clutch
    >> the parents seem to love the food i put in for them the babies
    >> have all had nice full crops
    >> thanks for your help:)
    > oh and can you tell me how long it will take for my orange
    > weaver male to come into full color?
    > he is just now starting to get alittle black and orange on his
    > chest

    Oh you have a male orangew eaver? Wow such sneaky little fellows
    they are! Be careful for if you have the male orange weavers with
    breeding finches, they may disturb them and oh boy it gets
    complicated. Well it takes ( for my weaver 9 months) LOL! Yeah i
    know, well i got my pair last october, and well now my male orange
    weaver is fully colored, it may have been because i didn't feed
    enough mealworms untill the starts of February. Now i feed about
    40+ a day, i use to know feed about 20 or so a day. Now i have to
    buy 200 mealworms every week + 200 giants for my starling and
    house sparrow. I only had one other type of finch to take to
    mealworms, and that would be my society finch pair that is now on
    eggs again :)!!! Well if you feed enough live mealworms your male
    orange weaver should be quicker into the plumage, and be warned he
    may act funny when he sees other birds mating right infront of
    him... mine is a sneaky lil orange rainbow. Oh and about the baby
    zeebs, yeah if they have large clutches in the Wicker baskets,
    they will at a certian age after eyes open, the olders will sit on
    the youngest, they youngest sometimes will be pushed out of the
    nests or the parents when they take off out of the nest will on
    accident bring a baby or two with them. I have found this out when
    my first zebra finch pair over stacked their nest with nesting
    supplies and with that they had 6 eggs i thought not all the eggs
    would hatch ( like in the wild you see 1-2 eggs still in the nest)
    and well all of them hatched and well the babies competed for food
    in the small nest and i lost 2 babies, it was sad, and i started
    to only supply them certain types of nesting material and nests...