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Re: Breeding Finches

Posted by Stacy on 5/30/05
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    Okay, Brian. I'll break it down for you.

    > Is it okay to keep a bunch of pairs in an aviary
    > and will they still breed?

    It is okay as long as you have an equal amount of females and
    males so they may pair off themselves if they fly freely. If
    you keep them in cages, Sociaty finches will help each other
    with their young, Zebras are a little more unsocail when they
    start breeding. If you keep them in flight cages, the bigger
    the better per pair.

    > How many times a year do they lay eggs?

    Finches are pretty prolific breeders depending on the
    species. Some have spicific times in the year, others when
    they feel like it as long as there is natural light (or full
    spectum lighting), there is a plentiful food source (you) and
    the temperature is not below 60 degrees ferenheit or above
    90. If you are uncomfortable in some temperatures, they are

    Not only this, some species may lay eggs before all the
    chicks are out of the nest. You may want to keep an eye on
    them and remove nests at least every 2 clutches or every
    other clutch so they do not over-exert themselves. It's not
    the egg laying that takes it out of them- it is the feeding.
    Parent birds sometimes will hardly eat while they are feeding
    their young, no matter how good of a diet you give them.

    > How long do they take to wean?

    Genrally, a clutch of 3 will wean off in about three weeks.
    The more chicks in the nest, the longer it will take, but not
    more then four and a half to 5 weeks.

    > How many eggs do they normally lay at a time?

    The female can lay one or she can lay up to seven. The more
    eggs there are, the more you as the breeder need to make sure
    she has a plentiful calcium source. Keep cuttlebones
    available at all times, feed them boiled eggs with the
    eggshells crushed or ask your vet on liquid calcium. I had it
    where I had a pair of finches and the father ate the eggs due
    to the lack of calcium. The eggshell is a pure nutrient in a
    way, so this may be a good thing to give them every once in a

    Disclaimer: I would suggest going to the library or a
    bookstore and purchasing books on this for further reading. I
    may have left some information out, or perhaps giving you
    information that only works for my perticular birds. All
    aviaries and birds are different, but it may be a good idea
    to check and experiment with some other ideas.