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Re: I am new at this...

Posted by Stacy on 5/31/05
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    Sorry, sweets, but it may already be too late. If you found
    the egg and took a long time to find all your information,
    the egg probably could have gotten cold. If you cannot have
    the incubater on ALL the time for at least three weeks for it
    to hatch, it really will not hatch. Eggs have to be kept warm
    all the time.

    I am so sorry, but these are the facts of life. Bird parents
    go through the same thing. It was a good try, though. You
    might need to ask your mom to help you, and if she can't,
    then I don't know what to tell you, dear.

    I hope you are not too heartbroken.

    Hugs to you

    On 5/31/05, Jessica L wrote:
    > Hey i just got an egg... a house sparrow egg to be more
    > specific. i offered to take care of it, after my friend
    > found it, because she couldn't. (her mom wouldn't let her,
    > we both 14 years old) i adore birds and i didnt want to
    > like, throw the egg away or anything. I named my little
    > baby birdie egg thingy Paris!!! But anyway, i've done
    > loads of research so i would know how to take care of my
    > baby birdie while it's still in its egg and after it
    > hatches. i use my desk lamp, keeping the temperature at
    > about 70-80 degrees. But do i need to keep the egg under
    > an incubator ALL the time? i dont think i can have it on
    > all night and when im at school. What are other good heat
    > producers? i really want this egg to hatch b/c my other
    > one got squished by my stupid brother. And after it
    > hatches, what do i feed it and how often do i need to feed
    > it? when im at school can i just leave a bowl of like,
    > squished worms out for it to eat?? As you can see i dont
    > know anything about raising a bird... YET. Can someone
    > give me some advice??
    > <33Jessica