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Re: I am new at this...

Posted by Kitty.J on 6/01/05
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    On 5/31/05, Stacy wrote:
    > Sorry, sweets, but it may already be too late. If you found
    > the egg and took a long time to find all your information,
    > the egg probably could have gotten cold. If you cannot have
    > the incubater on ALL the time for at least three weeks for
    > to hatch, it really will not hatch. Eggs have to be kept
    > all the time.
    > I am so sorry, but these are the facts of life. Bird parents
    > go through the same thing. It was a good try, though. You
    > might need to ask your mom to help you, and if she can't,
    > then I don't know what to tell you, dear.
    > I hope you are not too heartbroken.
    > Hugs to you
    > On 5/31/05, Jessica L wrote:
    >> Hey i just got an egg... a house sparrow egg to be more
    >> specific. i offered to take care of it, after my friend
    >> found it, because she couldn't. (her mom wouldn't let her,
    >> we both 14 years old) i adore birds and i didnt want to
    >> like, throw the egg away or anything. I named my little
    >> baby birdie egg thingy Paris!!! But anyway, i've done
    >> loads of research so i would know how to take care of my
    >> baby birdie while it's still in its egg and after it
    >> hatches. i use my desk lamp, keeping the temperature at
    >> about 70-80 degrees. But do i need to keep the egg under
    >> an incubator ALL the time? i dont think i can have it on
    >> all night and when im at school. What are other good heat
    >> producers? i really want this egg to hatch b/c my other
    >> one got squished by my stupid brother. And after it
    >> hatches, what do i feed it and how often do i need to feed
    >> it? when im at school can i just leave a bowl of like,
    >> squished worms out for it to eat?? As you can see i dont
    >> know anything about raising a bird... YET. Can someone
    >> give me some advice??
    >> <33Jessica

    Sorry Jessica, but 80 degrees is like room temp, and when a
    baby bird reaches room temp it dies... It must be around 99
    degrees i believe, and well you should learn more about the HS
    species. They will hatch to be almost a inch long and pale
    like. Feedings should be every 45 minutes untill it is 6 days
    old then you can feed them every 1hr and 3o minutes and feed
    them three times at night like from midnight to 5 am, untill
    it is 12-14 days old and you can stop night feeding then, the
    baby will be totally dependenton heat so it needs a constent
    99 degrees or so untill its like 14-16 days old then it can
    take care of heat on its own. The all you need to do is listen
    for its cries and you feed it then, and its constent watch,
    never spend the night or go for long shoppings, and leave your
    door shut, keep it in a room with no visiter, cats, dogs, etc.
    And when you're at school maybe a mom or dad can care for it,
    if not, say byebye to birdie. The bird should fledge around
    25day-30 days if fed properly, do not force it to wean. And
    also feed them mealworms,earthworms, baby bird formula. Well
    it's really realy hard to explain how to take care of a baby
    bird because there is WAY too much info to put down than this.
    i believe you should candle the baby bird egg, and if you do
    not give it heat while you're at school or sleeping, it is
    already in birdie heaven, if it is a clear egg you may have a
    chance but for now on give constent heat, and candle it, you
    should :)
    Well i for one hope it doesn't hatch, because more than likely
    you may not have the and first time feeding is hard for day
    one old chicks, even though i did with Sapphire my
    Housesparrow, but when i as at school my mom fed her, and i
    slept with my baby, and i also hatched her from an egg, after
    twop days of keeping her in my sweaty hands (lol) she did
    hatch, but that's another story...