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Re: need help with baby finch

Posted by Stacy on 6/02/05
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    Well... Shot in the dark, try handfeeding him with an eyedropper
    with the very long and thin end. If you want him to survive that
    much, pull him from the nest, get an incubator or a heat lamp set
    up and handfeed him. That is the best thing I can suggest.

    On 6/02/05, mj wrote:
    > Thanks Stacy
    > Then I have been doing that. I thought that was the best way
    > to go about this and I have had others thrown out of the nest
    > boxes before and usually they are gone by the time I get home
    > from work this was just a really strange one that it lived and
    > had so much spunk despite everything unfortunately when I came
    > home from work today it was gone. I was just hoping I was doing
    > all I could and thanks for letting me know I did. I appreciate
    > your help.