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Re: baby canary leg Problems?

Posted by Emma on 6/03/05
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    On 6/03/05, Linda wrote:
    > I am new at this -- imediate question-- I have a baby
    > canary( with great parents) It is 13 days old and growing
    > just fine BUt he has one leg that is always sticking out
    > at odd angles. I tried to put it in a more mormal postion
    > like the other leg but it always ends up sticking out.
    > This is a problem right???? what to do? Otherwise he seems
    > healthy and is very well cared for. He is the only
    > baby !!!! Linda

    Would you be able to get me a picture of the little guy? It
    sounds a bit like my 'tiel, he has grown up with odd feet
    for no apparent reason. Don't try to interfere bending it
    another way. If it stays the same in the next week or so,
    you might want to take him to a vet to see what is the
    matter with him. It is possible for them to dislocate limbs
    when in the nest, so a vet visit when he's old enough to
    travel might not be a bad idea. Don't worry about him too
    much just yet though, because sometimes they twist
    themselves into weird positions in the nest, although this
    doesn't sound much like that.
    Like I said a photo would be really helpful. If he grows up
    with an odd leg, all is not lost, I have a beautiful little
    canary in a huge cage inside called Chips. He only has a
    stump for one leg, and 2 toes on the other. He manages just
    fine with these nice soft rope perches I bought him. I'm
    sure whatever happens you seem like a kind, responsible
    owner who will look after him no matter what's up with him

    Hope this helps :)