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Re: baby canary leg Problems?

Posted by Andie on 6/03/05
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    On 6/03/05, Emma wrote:
    > On 6/03/05, Linda wrote:
    >> I am new at this -- imediate question-- I have a baby
    >> canary( with great parents) It is 13 days old and growing
    >> just fine BUt he has one leg that is always sticking out
    >> at odd angles. I tried to put it in a more mormal postion
    >> like the other leg but it always ends up sticking out.
    >> This is a problem right???? what to do? Otherwise he seems
    >> healthy and is very well cared for. He is the only
    >> baby !!!! Linda

    If he has one leg (or both) that are at funny angles he
    probably has splayed legs. If you catch this early it is
    fixable. I posted a link below, but I have not read the whole
    page so I would do a search for splayed legs and read up on
    it. This post is just to get you started. There are some
    diagrams that show you what it looks like. I believe he will
    have to be handfed to fix the problem unless you have very
    cooperative parents, I could be wrong though as I've never
    dealth with this problem. I wish you and the little one all
    the luck.


    Splayed Leg