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Re: baby canary leg Problems?

Posted by Kitty.J on 6/03/05
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    On 6/03/05, Andie wrote:
    > On 6/03/05, Emma wrote:
    >> On 6/03/05, Linda wrote:
    >>> I am new at this -- imediate question-- I have a baby
    >>> canary( with great parents) It is 13 days old and growing
    >>> just fine BUt he has one leg that is always sticking out
    >>> at odd angles. I tried to put it in a more mormal postion
    >>> like the other leg but it always ends up sticking out.
    >>> This is a problem right???? what to do? Otherwise he seems
    >>> healthy and is very well cared for. He is the only
    >>> baby !!!! Linda
    > If he has one leg (or both) that are at funny angles he
    > probably has splayed legs. If you catch this early it is
    > fixable. I posted a link below, but I have not read the whole
    > page so I would do a search for splayed legs and read up on
    > it. This post is just to get you started. There are some
    > diagrams that show you what it looks like. I believe he will
    > have to be handfed to fix the problem unless you have very
    > cooperative parents, I could be wrong though as I've never
    > dealth with this problem. I wish you and the little one all
    > the luck.
    > Andie

    I had a baby zebra finch that was a very dark grey female, and
    well it wasn't too long ago, and well she was born with a
    crooked foot, when the leg bends it is all crooked like and then
    goes down smooth like any other leg, but i could hardly notice
    the difference and well its only when she is facing me head on,
    i can see her leg leaning more to the left then the normal
    posistion, other than that she was fine vey large female too!
    But anywho, your bird may be a little deformed or it may have
    sprayed legs i wouldn't wait too long to have her checked out,
    if she has sprayed legs you want her to get help asap, and
    probably want to tame her if you haev hand feeding experience so
    she wont hook up with a mate and not breed, or you may just have
    to keep her. I usually tame such birds, if i ever get them like
    that. And if their leg returns to normal i let them go
    relatively wild again :)