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Re: Combine in aviary cage?

Posted by Rowena on 6/08/05
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    On 6/07/05, Lyn wrote:
    > On 6/07/05, Robin P. wrote:
    >> On 6/07/05, Rowena wrote:
    >>> Does anyone know if you can house gouldians and societies
    >>> in the same aviary-type cage? or do I need to separate the
    >>> two types?
    >>> Thanks Rowena
    >> Depends on how big the cage is,of course,I always kept
    >> Gouldians and Societies together,because the Societies would
    >> take care of the babies when the Gouldians would not.They
    > are
    >> usually fantastic foster parents.
    > I have two female gouldians that are mean. One is the mother
    > the other is the daughter. They are each in four foot cages
    > with a partner. The mother plucks her partners feathers out
    > of his head. The daughter bit off her brothers toe. None of
    > my other gouldians are like this. You can go to this sight
    > and look at species showcase at the top. It will show you
    > what birds are compatible with others. Normally gouldians
    > should be ok with sociaties. The gouldians will be the boss.
    > Make sure you have plenty of different feeders and water so
    > the societies do get to eat and drink.
    > Good Luck,
    > Lyn

    Thanks everyone. I will definitely check out that website Lyn.
    The flight cage is quite large. 4'x3'5'. Now if I do need to
    foster the gouldian chicks, will the societies do it on their own
    or will I need to nestbox them separately with the chicks?
    Thanks again