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Re: You hit lucky! Really?

Posted by Emma on 6/07/05
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    On 6/07/05, Robin P. wrote:
    > My mom has her now,but I handfed a day one finch baby before
    > was pitched out of the nest and beaten up.Since she had to be
    > every 45 minutes,I carried her around in my pocket most of the
    > time.She's about 2 now,and still lands on my hand if I reach in
    > the cage.
    > I would never advise handfeeding baby finches,but yes,they can
    > be tamed down sometimes.

    No, you're right, sorry I didn't make that clear - it's not a good
    idea to handfeed them unless obviously it's absolutely necessary.
    If your finch is showing that he wants to spend time with you I'd
    let him! He sounds like quite a character!