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Re: baby finch about to die??

Posted by Kitty.J on 6/16/05
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    On 6/16/05, helen wrote:
    > Just bought a tiny zebra finch(2 wks ago). I think it's a
    > baby because the feather is fluffy unlike the male finch i
    > had for nearly 2 yrs. Plus it can barely open her eyes and
    > she eats and sleeps all day in her nest.
    > This morning she was on the bottom of the cage and she
    > couldn't fly back up. The male finch started to peck on
    > her and ignore. Is she sick or about to die? Please help
    > me asap.
    > Thanks

    Sounds like it may be a grown femal. Maybe egg bound?? Baby
    finches open their eyes around 7-10 days old... and if she
    has been in the nest... and sleepign a lot and fluffed up...
    i think you should take her to the vet, i hope she is okay...