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Re: baby finch about to die??

Posted by helen on 6/17/05
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    On 6/17/05, Robin P. wrote:
    > On 6/17/05, helen wrote:
    > Thank you for your prompt response.
    >> Unfortunately she died yesterday....TT
    >> I had her for only 2wks......maybe i might have bought a sick
    >> bird? *sigh*
    > It's possible,but no telling really.She could have gotten a chill
    > or something the first night you had her,something like
    > that.Finches are so darn delicate.Did the place you bought her
    > offer any kind of health guarantee? Most only offer 72 hours,but I
    > know a couple breeders here in town that do 30 days.Sorry about
    > that!

    Actually my dad bought it from small petshop in downtown so i doubt
    they offered any guarantee...