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Re: Finch vomit?

Posted by Kitty on 6/19/05
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    On 6/19/05, Kitty.J wrote:
    > I am not sure if the parent birds or one of the babies did
    > this. But when i went to take a picture of the finches and
    > the one pair on two adorable 9 day old babies, i saw vomit
    > on the nest, it looks like a mixture of seed and mooshy
    > stuff... Should i be concerned? Or did mommy and daddy
    > just misss their targets? It isn't that much, just a blob
    > of it. Thanks,
    > ~Kitty

    Oh and this pair are society finches, its odd, they usually
    have 4-5-7 eggs but this time they only had 3 eggs but two
    only fertile. And i haven't bred them since January. Oh
    well, it is still cute to see two naked siblings, they must
    be a boy and a girl, ones name is Adam he has a darker
    somewhat beak and the female i believe is going to be all
    white and well her beak is white. They are both white, but
    on the back of the boys wing is like grayish feather comming
    in so i believe he will have some color, but the little girl
    so far is all white with red eyes, i also notice the little
    boy having red eyes, maybe it because they just opened their
    eyes, not sure. Thans again