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Re: Pairing finches

Posted by Kitty.J on 6/19/05
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    On 6/19/05, KC wrote:
    > I just got a flock of 12 finches. There are 6 males, 6
    > females. They were sold to me in one cage for one price.
    > My question is how do I separate them into pairs. I
    > watched them for several hours and there doesn't seem to
    > be any bonded pairs. They pretty get along with
    > everyone. Can I just pair whichever ones I like? Or are
    > finches picky and stay as a pair for life? Thanks for
    > your advice.

    Well it matters whattype of finches your talking about. :)
    I think finches stay paired for life unless they were paired
    offly young and as they mature they lose their "puppy love"
    and actually fall in love. But i so far have witnessed my
    birds pair for life, even if a male sings to another female,
    he will still guard and prtect his mate, even though his
    mate will seem jealous (feathes and how she acts will give
    the clue) and well i would palce all female with females and
    males with males, then place the cages side-by-side and wait
    till they start calling eachother and voila, you will tell
    who likes who :)