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Re: Blue Cordons

Posted by Michael L on 6/19/05
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    On 6/19/05, Debbie wrote:
    > I need some information on sexing Blue Cordons I have
    > submitted a pic and I ask do I have a pair male&female?
    > There behavior keeps me confused, they get along,One of
    > them does the mating jump yet they have no intrest in
    > nesting. Also they seem to be rather manic..constant jump
    > from perch to perch and I wondered if that was typical of
    > there specis or maybe I have a wild pair. IM planning on
    > adding a pair of owl finches this week, if anyone knows of
    > this being a bad idea..please save me from making a
    > mistake. Thank u for your time

    Years ago, Cordons were part of the family of birds I raised.
    It's a bit difficult to tell from you photo, but the male
    Cordon has a much bluer head and body. The hen will hae
    somewhat of a grey or brownish cast on the top of her head.
    It will still be blue, but with the cast. It is a noticeable
    difference, so if you can't easily see it, you may have two
    One thing I did notice from your photo is that the Cordon in
    flight desperately needs his nails trimmed. Not only is this
    not healthy, but it is a hazard, especially with the
    artificial greens that you have in your flight.
    Owl finches can be added usually without problem with Cordons
    and the Societies that you have.

    Michael L