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Re: overfed zebra nestlings?

Posted by Robin P. on 6/20/05
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    On 6/19/05, Robert E. wrote:
    > My finch parents seem to have stuffed their two babies full
    > with eggfood. The crops are quite engorged. Will the
    > babies be able to swallow and digest all that food or will
    > they choke? Please reply, my fiance is quite concerned with
    > the babies' well-being.

    Generally the parents don't stuff more in the babies than
    they can hold,when you can see the food in there,it's already
    past the point of swallowing,it's in their crop,where it gets
    processed into the digestive system.

    2 babies is a small clutch for finches,so they're probably
    trying to feed 4 babies.You might cut back a little on the