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Re: overfed zebra nestlings?

Posted by Robert E. on 6/20/05
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    On 6/20/05, Robin P. wrote:
    > On 6/19/05, Robert E. wrote:
    >> My finch parents seem to have stuffed their two babies full
    >> with eggfood. The crops are quite engorged. Will the
    >> babies be able to swallow and digest all that food or will
    >> they choke? Please reply, my fiance is quite concerned with
    >> the babies' well-being.
    > Generally the parents don't stuff more in the babies than
    > they can hold,when you can see the food in there,it's already
    > past the point of swallowing,it's in their crop,where it gets
    > processed into the digestive system.
    > 2 babies is a small clutch for finches,so they're probably
    > trying to feed 4 babies.You might cut back a little on the
    > eggfood.

    Thanks for the reassurance. As soon as I noticed I slowed down
    the eggfood. The parents seem to be doing well considering they
    are first-timers.