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Re: Wild Finches

Posted by pdcjd on 6/27/05
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    thanks for your help. we have seen that the mom has been
    coming and going so i think they will be ok. the birds in the
    area seem to love the front of my house. last summer we had a
    birnest in the front flower bed on a climbing rose bush tower
    just outside the front window. we also kept an eye on it. all
    hatched and flew off. it was a great experience for the girls
    to be able to watch. i get a little concerned for them all
    though since there are so many loose cats in the area.

    On 6/25/05, Robin P. wrote:
    > Depending on the type of species,it may be illegal for you to
    > bring the babies in and care for them.
    > If the mother does not come back,call animal control or the
    > humane society in your area,they can give you the number of a
    > licensed rehabber that can pick them up and knows how to take
    > care of them.