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Re: zebra finch is sick and there r no vets that work with b

Posted by Kitty.J on 6/28/05
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    On 6/27/05, Shannon wrote:
    > My bird is very sick and the next vet that works with
    > birds is in the next state what can I do to help save it's
    > life? I have only had her sence January 2005. she was just
    > fine untill tonight when she was just sitting on the
    > bottom of the cage i have already sepreated her for the
    > other birds. and have provided her a soft bed to lay on
    > and heat from a heating pad but i can't get her to eat
    > anything. Is there anything i can make at home that would
    > raise her apite to eat?

    Sounds like she is egg bound. This may help her pass the
    egg, get some olive oil and inject it into her cloaca, and
    but only a little bit, and keep her warm. Birds will lose
    lots of warmth when they are sick especially egg bound
    females. I would suggest cracking the egg, but the crack
    sharp parts of the egg may scratch her, and may cause
    bacteria to settle. I would try calling a vet and see if
    they know nay near by vets. She may not even be egg bound,
    but sounds like she is. Hope she gets better