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Re: What is this color called?

Posted by Michael L on 6/29/05
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    On 6/29/05, Robert E. wrote:
    > The first of my babies has hopped out of the nest. It is
    > quite a beautiful bird, s/he is white, but with a grey head,
    > white cheeks, and the normal face stripe. There are no
    > markings on the tail or anything else other than the head
    > like I stated. Very very beautiful bird. Will this color
    > stay as an adult? What is is called?

    Is the 'normal face stripe' that you are referring to a tear
    drop under the eye?
    If so, it sounds as if it is a CFW or Chestnut Flanked White.
    They have pale grey heads when they fledge, but that goes
    away in time. Them males eventually develop chestnut-colored
    cheek patches and the hens do not.
    If it's not that, it could also be a very heavy pied.
    Of course if you have pictures, that would make it very easy
    to determine the mutation.

    Michael L