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Re: Albino society finch, seriously!

Posted by Kitty.J on 6/29/05
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    On 6/29/05, Michael L wrote:
    > On 6/29/05, Kitty.J wrote:
    >> I believe i have a albino pure whtie baby society finch. I
    >> am not sure if its boy or girl. But there were only two
    >> hatchling out of my society finch nest, one of them is
    >> turning out to look a lot like the mom, and then the pure
    >> whitey one doesn't look like dad. So i am unsure of sex.
    >> But they are both beautiful. I am not sure if there were
    >> many albinos, but mine is almost 21 days old and due to
    >> sour crop twice and a bird name Myko aka my starling
    >> taking her out of the nest and she getting chilled when
    >> she was 9 days old right after she healed from sour crop,
    >> she is about 3 days behind of her older silbing (they were
    >> hatched on the same day) but she is doing fine now. And
    >> she has all pure white feathers, and red eyes. Does anyone
    >> know if my albino baby will be a male or female, i am
    >> starting to think male. And i named her Angel because she
    >> has survived through so much already and I believe and
    >> Angel helped her out to live :). Thanks!!
    > Kitty,
    > If she's pure white there's a better chance of her being
    > is called a dark-eyed white. An Albino, and their are very
    > few of them, would have pink/red eyes.
    > As far as her gender, there is nothing sex-linked that would
    > determine that so it's a 50/50 chance of either sex.
    > Michael L

    cool. The reason why i thought she was albino was because when
    babies hatch they have this tint of red in their eyes and well
    her sibling has lost that red, and she hasn't. But i don't
    mind her being dark eyed. She is so pretty :) They both are.
    I'll have pics soon :)