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Re: Uh oh, parents chasing off fledglings, had to separate

Posted by Kitty.J on 6/29/05
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    On 6/29/05, Robert E. wrote:
    > The babies just came out of the nest this morning, and I
    > removed the nest immeadiately so the parents would not try
    > new clutch, but they both started plucking the tail
    > out of the babies. I put the two fledglings in their own
    > cage but I don't think they are weaned yet. What do I do

    you should put the nest back in for the parents and babies.
    The babies still need the nest for a whoel week after
    fledging, and the parent swill most likely wait till they
    leave, and if not, just dispose of the eggs or let them go
    through with it.