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Re: Uh oh, parents chasing off fledglings, had to separate

Posted by Kitty.J on 6/29/05
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    On 6/29/05, Robert E. wrote:
    > On 6/29/05, Kitty.J wrote:
    >> On 6/29/05, Robert E. wrote:
    >>> The babies just came out of the nest this morning, and I
    >>> removed the nest immeadiately so the parents would not try
    >> a
    >>> new clutch, but they both started plucking the tail
    >> feathers
    >>> out of the babies. I put the two fledglings in their own
    >>> cage but I don't think they are weaned yet. What do I do
    >> now?
    >> you should put the nest back in for the parents and babies.
    >> The babies still need the nest for a whoel week after
    >> fledging, and the parent swill most likely wait till they
    >> leave, and if not, just dispose of the eggs or let them go
    >> through with it.
    > How do I stop the parents from plucking feathers out of their
    > babies?

    Well it might've been that they were trying to rebuild there
    nest if they were not supplied enough nesting material, or not
    big enough cage, or maybe when the birds groom their chldren's
    feather it looks like they are attacking them?