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Re: Uh oh, parents chasing off fledglings, had to separate

Posted by Michael L on 6/29/05
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    On 6/29/05, Robert E. wrote:
    > They, or mostly the father, had pulled out a few tailfeathers so we
    > took them out. We put the babies back in after a few hours and they
    > started to feed and preen them, but no tail plucking. I did also
    > add some nesting material. If it starts again should I consider
    > removing the father?

    One parent can finish the weaning of the babies. But I'm sure you
    know that this is going to repeat itself if you allow the male/female
    pair to stay together with or without a nest.
    I don't know what you plans are for the offspring, but if you have
    both male and female, maybe you could keep the genders apart. That
    is, of course, if you did not want more babies.
    Zebras are notorious for continual breeding and there really isn't
    any successful way of preventing it short of separation.

    Michael L