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Re: My babies are flying

Posted by Stacy on 7/08/05
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    I know. They grow up quick. Soon my babies will be off to
    college... (sniffle...)

    My finches hatched over 2 months ago (or longer. My days are
    starting to mush together). They were weaned quick and the
    mom started to chase all the females around, so I had to
    seperate them. All 5 survived, and only one is male. This was
    their(s and mine ^_^ ) first clutch to ever hatch.

    On 7/08/05, White Bird wrote:
    > My babies are starting to fly a little and they are coming
    > out of the nest and perching! They don't even have all
    > their feathers yet, but they can fly. Two are on the swing
    > having a good time right now. I can't believe it!