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Re: Whats a good book to learn more about my canaries??

Posted by Stacy on 7/10/05
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    Are you sure they are mating? Is the male and the female
    sitting on the eggs? Perhaps you need a different male? If
    you get a different singer, it may jumpstart the pair.

    One a different note, I couldn't tell you anything much
    different then what the books say. If anything, it could be a
    lack of nutrition. Eggs, eggfood, cilantro, kale, parsley,
    chives and giving them juice from "Bolt House Farms" (in the
    refrigerated produce section) called "Vedge" with tomato,
    carrot and other juices either in a seperate cup or mixed
    with their eggs, is a good idea. The vitamins A and C in the
    veggies and the calcium in the eggs (with the shells in) make
    a big difference.

    My finches like just the juice and drink it by itself, but I
    don't know about canaries. If yours do not like Vedge, there
    are some sweeter ones with blueberries, raspberries, apple,
    ext, which my cocktiels prefer, and they are all fortified
    with vitamins. They are pasturised(sp?) because they are
    completely natural and have a very short shelf-life, so make
    sure you get one with the farthest date from the day you get

    On 7/08/05, Debbie wrote:
    > I have a few books but they just dont seem to help too much
    > about breeding my canaries. I have other birds, but my
    > canaries...... I just need to know more about. I have had
    > them for 2 years together and eggs were laid a few times
    > but thats as far as we got.
    > If you have a good canary site please share it also.
    > Thanks,
    > Debbie