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Re: Whats a good book to learn more about my canaries??

Posted by Debbie on 7/10/05
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    Hello, Thanks a bunch for the info. I will try a few different
    things and see how it goes ;0)

    On 7/10/05, Stacy wrote:
    > Are you sure they are mating? Is the male and the female
    > sitting on the eggs? Perhaps you need a different male? If
    > you get a different singer, it may jumpstart the pair.
    > One a different note, I couldn't tell you anything much
    > different then what the books say. If anything, it could be a
    > lack of nutrition. Eggs, eggfood, cilantro, kale, parsley,
    > chives and giving them juice from "Bolt House Farms" (in the
    > refrigerated produce section) called "Vedge" with tomato,
    > carrot and other juices either in a seperate cup or mixed
    > with their eggs, is a good idea. The vitamins A and C in the
    > veggies and the calcium in the eggs (with the shells in) make
    > a big difference.
    > My finches like just the juice and drink it by itself, but I
    > don't know about canaries. If yours do not like Vedge, there
    > are some sweeter ones with blueberries, raspberries, apple,
    > ext, which my cocktiels prefer, and they are all fortified
    > with vitamins. They are pasturised(sp?) because they are
    > completely natural and have a very short shelf-life, so make
    > sure you get one with the farthest date from the day you get
    > one.
    > On 7/08/05, Debbie wrote:
    >> I have a few books but they just dont seem to help too much
    >> about breeding my canaries. I have other birds, but my
    >> canaries...... I just need to know more about. I have had
    >> them for 2 years together and eggs were laid a few times
    >> but thats as far as we got.
    >> If you have a good canary site please share it also.
    >> Thanks,
    >> Debbie