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Re: So... What is a green finch?

Posted by Michael L on 7/11/05
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    On 7/11/05, Stacy wrote:
    > Some lady out of the blue called me today wanting a green
    > finch. Before I can sell one- I need to know what it is...
    > Is it a zebra mutation? Or just a mutation of some other
    > grass finch? The only thing I keep thinking of is the finch
    > that fell into my sea green water color and was stained
    > green until he molted.

    She was on the right track but didn't give you the full name.
    It is known as the Green Singing Fnch, (Serinus Mozambicus).
    It is a hard to come by bird, but they do have a beautiful
    song, much like the domestic canary, but with more of a
    natual melody and not a trained/structured song like the
    Another bird which is very similar and which I used to raise
    is the African Yellow Canary, (Serinus Flaviventris), which
    is know for it's beautiful song also. They are much
    prettier, in my opinion as the males are more yellow than the
    Green Singers. I've included a picture of a male and
    juvenile babies.
    If you are unaware, green in any of your canary-type birds is
    not a literal green, but various shades of yellow.

    Michael L

    Green Singing Finch