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Re: So... What is a green finch? And this can breed w/Zebra?

Posted by Stacy on 7/11/05
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    How much of a natural melody is it? I have a Zebra that just
    twiters up a storm- but I do not know if finches can
    interbreed. Is it possible to breed, say, a star finch and a

    On 7/11/05, Michael L wrote:
    > On 7/11/05, Stacy wrote:
    >> Some lady out of the blue called me today wanting a green
    >> finch. Before I can sell one- I need to know what it is...
    >> Is it a zebra mutation? Or just a mutation of some other
    >> grass finch? The only thing I keep thinking of is the finch
    >> that fell into my sea green water color and was stained
    >> green until he molted.
    > She was on the right track but didn't give you the full name.
    > It is known as the Green Singing Fnch, (Serinus Mozambicus).
    > It is a hard to come by bird, but they do have a beautiful
    > song, much like the domestic canary, but with more of a
    > natual melody and not a trained/structured song like the
    > canary.
    > Another bird which is very similar and which I used to raise
    > is the African Yellow Canary, (Serinus Flaviventris), which
    > is know for it's beautiful song also. They are much
    > prettier, in my opinion as the males are more yellow than the
    > Green Singers. I've included a picture of a male and
    > juvenile babies.
    > If you are unaware, green in any of your canary-type birds is
    > not a literal green, but various shades of yellow.
    > Michael L