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Re: I have a Finch with a broken leg

Posted by Fran on 6/21/06
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    On 6/21/06, Amy wrote:
    > My Zebra Finch, Libby, escaped from the cage today and fell
    > from a great height after hitting the wall and has broken her
    > leg from the top. I have read what Fran had to say and the
    > response included however i also can not afford to go to the
    > vets and as the leg has been broken from the very top of the
    > joint i feel that using a straw splint will be an impossible
    > task. Can anyone help me on this matter regarding Libby. Thank
    > you!!

    Amy, what do you want to hear? The only advice is to take your
    poor bird to an avian vet and let them treat her. Ask to set up
    payments, most vets will do this. Even if you can only pay
    $10.00 or $15.00 a month. Please take proper care of your bird
    and do the right thing.