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Re: I have a Finch with a broken leg

Posted by Kitty.J on 6/25/06
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    On 7/18/05, Fran wrote:
    > On 7/15/05, Diana wrote:
    >> I was giving a finch today with a broken leg. The owner
    >> said it fell out of the nest and the momma bird had quit
    >> feeding it. I asked if I could take it and try to nurse it
    >> to health. This is my second finch I am hand raising. The
    >> first did great and is a healthy bird. This one does not
    >> want to eat. I have read about splinting the leg but do
    >> not understand really what to do. I know this is going to
    >> sound bad but I am a single mom and can not afford to go
    >> to the vet for 2 weeks. Some would say I should not have
    >> taken the bird but it would have died if I did not try.
    >> Does anyone have any suggestions for me. I have been able
    >> to force feed it so it is starting to corporate a bit on
    >> the feeding and it does flap it's wings and move about the
    >> cage. So I guess my question is should I splint the leg
    >> and if so how do I do that?
    > Diana, That is big hearted of you to take this little finch
    > to care for. I know vets can really be expensive, but most
    > will let you set up payments. If you have an avian vet
    > nearby maybe you should call and ask.
    > Splinting the leg yourself can be tricky business, until a
    > vet can check her, I would just make sure she's eating
    > properly. I guess you are feeding her Kaytee or a simlar
    > handfeeding formula. Depending on how old the finch is, she
    > should be able to start taking some of the soft food from a
    > spoon when offered to her. If she is eating on her own,
    > millet is very appetizing to birds. Also make sure she is
    > staying hydrated. Good luck to you and let us know how she's
    > doing.

    Finch legs are very fragile and one wrong move you'll severe
    it and it'll be useless. Better to keep it as it is and it'll
    heal soon. But an avian vet would be best. Also force feeding
    a bird can be very very very bad. Like you said you do not
    understand what to do. FOrcing food into a mouth unwilling to
    eat is bad.And ifyou are not experience youmay get th efood
    down the wrong hole. Call the local animal rescue and they'll
    take the finch off your hands. If it is beggin gformyou then I
    can answer that without difficulties. Just feed it birdformula
    and some breads and mealworms,and earthworms. The finch should
    be intereste din them. Is it a wild finch or a captive finch?
    What type? Different types of finches have different needs.
    Good luck and I wish the young finch best of luck!!!