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Re: Two Orange Weavers need a home

Posted by Mark on 9/15/05
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    On 7/29/05, Treasa wrote:
    > On 7/29/05, Treasa wrote:
    >> On 7/23/05, Jen wrote:
    >>> I recently acquired two orange weaver finches that were in
    >>> dire need of rescuing. They are doing much better now and
    >>> have had thorough vet checkups. I do not feel that I can
    >>> provide a permanent home for these gals (I think they are
    >>> hens, but am not sure) as I am more into canaries. I am
    >>> looking for someone to adopt these little girls to better
    >>> provide them the environments they can thrive in. If there
    >>> is anyone who might be interested in them, please let me
    >>> know. I am located just south of Grand Rapids, Michigan.
    >>> Thanks!
    >>> Jen
    >> Jen, Please email me...I may be able to help you!
    > Im new to this board, and Im not sure if Im doing this
    > email addy is
    I know that you posted this request back in July... but I
    thought I would see if you found a home for these orange
    weavers. If you didn't find one yet, I'll take them. I live in
    Holland, MI