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Re: canary aggression/new twist?

Posted by Doreen D on 12/14/05
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    On 7/24/05, Michael L wrote:
    > On 7/24/05, peter carroll wrote:
    >> my male canary is attacking its father and is
    >> tormenting that much that he is weak and wil die
    >> can we stop this aggressive behavour, why is he
    >> doing this.
    > Male canaries are very territorial and can be very aggressive
    > towards each other. They vie for position in a flock
    > situation as well as competition for mates.
    > If his father is weak from fighting, please separate them.
    > Michael L
    My 9 month old male singer has a new one - on me - after I feed him, he lowers
    his body, spreads wings, opens beak and "threatens" me. If I stand outside cage,
    he will do the same. He puffs up his crest, puffs up neck/shoulders/wings, opens
    beak and faces me off! He's never done this before - nor have any of my others.
    He's in his own cage, with another, aged, male in next room. No one believed me
    at first, until my husband and pet sitter saw him in action - but he only does it to
    me! I have new hair color, and have taken over a.m. care in last few weeks - but
    have always interacted w/him. Any ideas on what gives? He still replies to my
    peeps, warbles when I do, etc. Could it be puberty? Any ideas/insights
    appreciated. Thanks.