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Re: canary aggression

Posted by Fran Kaminski on 5/05/09
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    Separate them, and quickly, they see each other as competition
    for the female.

    On 5/04/09, Pat wrote:
    > On 7/24/05, Michael L wrote:
    >> On 7/24/05, peter carroll wrote:
    >>> my male canary is attacking its father and is
    >>> tormenting that much that he is weak and wil die
    >>> can we stop this aggressive behavour, why is he
    >>> doing this.
    >> Male canaries are very territorial and can be very aggressive
    >> towards each other. They vie for position in a flock
    >> situation as well as competition for mates.
    >> If his father is weak from fighting, please separate them.
    >> Michael L
    > We have a 6X10X9' outside aviary for our six "Sherbet Family"
    > canaries however, two of the three males are very agressive to
    > each other; neither one bothers the older male. At one point
    > last evening we had to separate them since Nectrine had Lemon
    > pinned to the floor of the shelter; we feared for Lemon's
    > life! Will they ever work this madness out or will they
    > continue tormenting each other until one is injured and/or
    > worse yet; dies in the process? We have two females
    > (Pineapple & Coconut) and "Lemon Drop" is still too young to
    > determine it's sex. Perhaps if we hang various colorful toys
    > in the tree along with lettuce leaves that that would help to
    > preoccupy them? We just want them all to enjoy their lives in
    > such a tropical environment without injuries.
    > Thank You...
    > Pat & Mike, Vero Beach, FL