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Re: canary aggression

Posted by Pat on 5/06/09
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    Thank you Fran, and no...the aggressive male is not "dead"; my post
    was just this past week. In any case, we did separate Lemon and
    Nectrine (two of the three males having the issue) last night and
    the other two females and one juvenile in the aviary are much more
    content other than Coconut (a younger female. However, Pineapple is
    now sitting on her clutch without being disturbed. Nectrine is now
    residing in his flight cage on the "outside" of the aviary until we
    can transport him in July to his new home in Maine for our
    daughter's family to enjoy his gorgous songs. Thanks again, Pat

    On 5/05/09, Calendar for Fran wrote:
    > On 5/05/09, Fran Kaminski wrote:
    >> Separate them, and quickly, they see each other as competition
    >> for the female.
    >> Fran
    > Fran, you are answering a post from almost 4 YEARS AGO. That
    > canary is probably dead by now.