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Re: How long?/Robin

Posted by Rowena on 7/29/05
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    Thanks for replying Robin. We had thought at first that one of
    the others had pulled them, but we can't find the feathers
    anywhere, even cleaned out the wicker nest they use, still no
    feathers. He's eating well, chirping and preening, and still
    hopping around his cage, kinda clumsy tho', balance may be off?
    Except for the tail issue, seems to be happy and healthy.
    Probably bothers me more than him, but don't want to put him
    back in with the flight, you know how birds are with one that
    looks injured or different. Thanks, Rowena

    On 7/28/05, Robin P. wrote:
    > On 7/28/05, Rowena wrote:
    >> Okay then, since nobody has any ideas why he lost his tail,
    >> how about how long will it take for his tail to grow back?
    >> At least enough that I can put him back in the flight with
    >> the others. The cages are next to each other but he is one
    >> lonely lil' guy by himself. Rowena
    > Well see,that's part of the problem.As to WHY the feathers
    > fell out,or how it was managed,depends alot on if they will
    > grow back or not.If they were caught in a door,or someone
    > pulled them,they may grow back as long as the feather shafts
    > (in the skin) were not too badly damaged.If it's some kind of
    > disease,which is less likely,because most don't restrict
    > themselves to one area,they may never grow back,and if it
    > is,it should be treated.