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Re: How long?/Robin

Posted by Robin P. on 7/29/05
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    On 7/29/05, Rowena wrote:
    > Thanks for replying Robin. We had thought at first that one of
    > the others had pulled them, but we can't find the feathers
    > anywhere, even cleaned out the wicker nest they use, still no
    > feathers. He's eating well, chirping and preening, and still
    > hopping around his cage, kinda clumsy tho', balance may be off?
    > Except for the tail issue, seems to be happy and healthy.
    > Probably bothers me more than him, but don't want to put him
    > back in with the flight, you know how birds are with one that
    > looks injured or different. Thanks, Rowena

    Oh absolutely.It zoomed over my head this was a finch we're
    talking about.Hard to say really,they do actually have a little
    faster metabolisms than the bigger birds,so hopefully it will
    grow back.
    Adding a little low-fat protein to his diet ought to help,some
    mealworms or meat,whichever your birds are used to.