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Re: gouldian chasing canary

Posted by Robin P. on 7/31/05
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    On 7/31/05, diane wrote:
    > Hi,
    > I have a flight/aviary cage that is 4 ft highx 5 ft long
    > and 20 inches deep. I've had a male canary living in it for
    > the last six months solo. yesterday I added 1 pair of
    > gouldian finches. The male finch is taking over and won't
    > let the canary stay on any of his usual perches. What sould
    > I do??? pls help soon

    You have a pair of birds that are very likely going to want
    to nest,and a male that's going to be very territorial and
    chase off anything he sees as a threat.Now finches aren't as
    bad as say lovebirds or keets that will take off a leg or
    toe,but he can injure him,or chase him until he has a heart
    attack,or not let him eat,etc.If it were me,personally,I'd
    pull the canary out and give him a nice big cage by himself.