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Re: gouldian chasing canary

Posted by diane on 8/01/05
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    On 8/01/05, diane wrote:
    > On 7/31/05, Robin P. wrote:
    >> On 7/31/05, diane wrote:
    >>> Hi,
    >>> I have a flight/aviary cage that is 4 ft highx 5 ft long
    >>> and 20 inches deep. I've had a male canary living in it for
    >>> the last six months solo. yesterday I added 1 pair of
    >>> gouldian finches. The male finch is taking over and won't
    >>> let the canary stay on any of his usual perches. What sould
    >>> I do??? pls help soon
    >> You have a pair of birds that are very likely going to want
    >> to nest,and a male that's going to be very territorial and
    >> chase off anything he sees as a threat.Now finches aren't as
    >> bad as say lovebirds or keets that will take off a leg or
    >> toe,but he can injure him,or chase him until he has a heart
    >> attack,or not let him eat,etc.If it were me,personally,I'd
    >> pull the canary out and give him a nice big cage by himself.

    Thanks for your quick response. We decided to take the finches
    out and leave the canary in his home. This morning he's back to
    his beautiful singing self. I'm going to see if the breeder will
    take the gouldians back. Thanks again!