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Re: Royal Gouldians

Posted by Lyn on 8/11/05
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    On 8/10/05, J Echerd wrote:
    > Recently acquired a stunning pair, but they have little to
    > do with each other. They are clearly male and female. Is
    > this common? Do they eventually breed?

    Gouldians are not cuddling birds. They do not sit and preen
    each other.

    When they are in breeding condition the females beak will be
    a dark grey are black. The male will be a pearly white. He
    will take nesting material and present it to her and hop up
    and down on the perch bending his head shaking it back and

    Some females are picky and do not like the male you have
    supplied. There are alot of good information on the net
    about breeding gouldians. It can be heart breaking because
    they are not good parents untill they are about two years
    old. Even then some still aren't. Good luck.