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Post: Not so good parents

Posted by KC on 8/12/05

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    I have several pairs of zebra finches, all of them
    breeding. I have two pairs that hatched their eggs and
    know how to feed their babies. I have two pairs that can
    hatch their eggs but don't feed the babies. They all
    died. This is the second time around and they did the
    same thing. Then I have another pair that hatched their
    first clutch of 3 babies. They feed the babies but keep
    throwing one of them out. I have to keep putting the baby
    back. I think that they just want two babies and not
    three. Should I just forget about breeding the ones that
    don't know how to feed? What about the one that keeps
    tossing a baby? I could try fostering but I am worried
    that it would be too much for the good parents. Also I
    don't want to interupt them and make them not take care of
    their babies also. Just wondering if anyone has some
    advice. Thanks

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