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Re: Breeding Canaries

Posted by mark on 9/25/05
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    On 8/25/05, Cindy wrote:
    > I am considering breeding canaries in the near future, and
    > am looking for as much advise as possible before doing so.
    > Currently I breed and handfeed baby cockatiels. Can you
    > breed canaries in the same room as cockatiels? I heard
    > canaries dont like to be seen by other birds? What about
    > the temperature for the breeding room? Can it be the same
    > as for the cockatiels. I live in NY and the temperature
    > changes alot here. I can usually maintain a temp. of about
    > 75-80 in the summer, but sometimes when it reaches near 95-
    > 100 outside the room gets to about 88-90. During the
    > winter, the room remains usually at a steady temp of
    > 68-70. Any advise here? Thanks.

    you can't breed cockatiels & canaries in the same cage the
    tem don't matter.