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Re: Chips is dead

Posted by Maria on 8/28/05
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    Emma, I am so sorry for your loss. I know Chips had a
    wonderful life with you, and that is conforting. Our little
    cluster canary died a few days ago and it was terribly sad
    for all of us in the family. he was poisoned with food with
    two little finches we also had. Fortunately our other birds
    are fine, but these three left a painful empty spot in our
    It`s wonderful you also have a cockatiel as I have heard
    they are the nicest and mody affectionate creatures.
    I hope you have a beautiful and loving new canary very soon.

    On 8/26/05, Emma wrote:
    > I had a beautiful little canary called Chips who only had
    > half a leg on one side, and a full leg with only 2 toes on
    > the other. He got on really well in his cage and I had him
    > over a year but recently the stump on his leg turned
    > gangrenous and today we had to have him put down. I am
    > really devastated as he was such a beautiful bird. My
    > cockatiel will miss him too as he was the only other bird
    > in the house. I am so sorry to have lost him. The vet said
    > the gangrene would have killed him slowly and painfully if
    > we didn't have him put to sleep. The vet put him in a
    > little box full of anaesthetic gas until he was asleep and
    > then she gave him an overdose injection of anaesthetic so
    > it was very quick and painless. I will really miss him.