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Re: Chips is dead

Posted by Kitty.J on 9/13/05
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    On 8/26/05, Emma wrote:
    > I had a beautiful little canary called Chips who only had
    > half a leg on one side, and a full leg with only 2 toes on
    > the other. He got on really well in his cage and I had him
    > over a year but recently the stump on his leg turned
    > gangrenous and today we had to have him put down. I am
    > really devastated as he was such a beautiful bird. My
    > cockatiel will miss him too as he was the only other bird
    > in the house. I am so sorry to have lost him. The vet said
    > the gangrene would have killed him slowly and painfully if
    > we didn't have him put to sleep. The vet put him in a
    > little box full of anaesthetic gas until he was asleep and
    > then she gave him an overdose injection of anaesthetic so
    > it was very quick and painless. I will really miss him.

    I am so sorry for your chips. I hope my white rumped
    mannikin male finy wont have gang green... he too only has
    half a leg and one full one... again am sorry for your loss.