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Re: Orange Weavers

Posted by E on 10/10/05
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    On 10/05/05, Kitty.J wrote:
    > On 10/05/05, E wrote:
    >> Mainly I've been taking long strips of grass and drying them out.
    >> Then I put them in the cage and they weave them when I leave. I've
    >> seen a female in the nest weaving as I came up to the cage.Thanks
    >> for all your help!
    > Oh you saw a female weaving while she was in the nest? I read that
    > only males weave, lets hope i am wrong because if the female
    > suddenly turns into male coloration it'll be war time between males
    I think so she had some dried grass in her beak and flew out of the
    nest when I came near. I have 2 "females" and 1 male. I fit turns out
    to be 2 males I'll probably seperate the males and either give 1 away
    or buy another female.