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Re: Orange Weavers

Posted by Kitty.J on 9/30/05
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    On 9/24/05, E wrote:
    > On 9/19/05, Kitty.J wrote:
    >> On 9/17/05, E wrote:
    >>> I'm having trouble finding enough info on orange weaver
    >>> finches. We have a trio in our flight that were given to
    >>> us. 1 male and 2 females
    >> What do you need to know? I am no expert on breeding them,
    >> but the housing and feeding and all that i have knowledge
    >> about :)
    > Just breeding info and basic feeding. They've been taking
    > strips of grass and trying to make a nest. I want to know how
    > long this will last. I've heard males use breeding plumage at
    > 2 years old.

    Well i am have no breeding info on them, my male is in full
    color and he hasn't even touched the grasses and green stuffs i
    have provided him. My weavers use to be very weary of foods i
    provide, they only liked mealworms and seed. But i have gotten
    them use to salads, breads, egg food now. This is how, well i
    have tame birds who will eat from from my mouth, hands, fingers,
    and will take it up to their nest (my hair) and will eat up
    there, and (well you don't really want to hear my personal life
    with my birds so..) well my weaver pair watch my birds eat them
    and even my none tame finches eat the tasty treats i give them
    all the time, so now my weavers also eat them. Same with my
    javas, they were scared of the mealworms but having them in the
    same cage as my house sparrow they watch her eat from my hands
    and devour the mealworm they would hang on the side of the bars
    and watch her, now they even eat the largest of the mealworms
    down to the smallest. What i am saying is, if you have other
    birds, maybe if you have your weavers with them for some time
    they'll also try the new foods and soon will take them without
    hesitation. Good luck. Hey maybe you can tell me what you use
    for the weaver to spinhis nest i would LOVE to see him do that.